Tender for the ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Programme in Vietnam; Technical and administration support for energy efficiency projects in Vietnam

Call for tender from individuals interested in supporting energy efficiency activities in Vietnam related to policy and regulation, best available technologies, and new business models, as part of the ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Programme.

The ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Programme (LCEP) is a part of the UK Government’s Prosperity Fund, managed by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and delivered by a consortium comprising of Ernst & Young, Carbon Trust and IMC Worldwide. The LCEP will address constraints in the energy sector that impede South East Asia’s inclusive economic growth, unlocking increased prosperity for the region. The LCEP focuses on two topics – Green Finance and Energy Efficiency, and the Carbon Trust is leading the delivery of the energy efficiency component in five countries: Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

In Vietnam, specific activities are required to interface between the ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Programme (LCEP) and the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT). 

The following invitations to tender are available for applicants based in Vietnam: 

  1. Technical support to project ‘Best Available Technology Review’
  2. Technical support to project ‘Data Baseline and Monitoring, Reporting and Verification’ 
  3. Specialist advisory support on ESCOs and Energy Efficiency Projects 
  4. Administration and Coordination support for Low Carbon Energy Projects 

For further details, please see the relevant documents below.

The tender should be submitted by 8pm Vietnam time on 9 March 2020.
The selection decision will be made by 13 March 2020.

All communication and tender submissions should be sent electronically to kalyani.basu@carbontrust.com.