One foot at a time: The benefits of product carbon footprinting and labelling


The groundswell in public opinion on environmental issues has been huge in the past few years. Genuine integrity on sustainability is key with customers and consumers demanding to know more about what they purchase. Purchasing power could be one lever to drive decarbonisation, but to be truly effective, consumers must be able to readily access information on the true climate change impacts of products and services.

With a growth in demand for product carbon footprinting and labelling, this official London Climate Action Week webinar will provide an overview of footprinting and the benefits that a company has to gain by quantifying the carbon footprints of their products and services.

Hosted by the Carbon Trust and Manufacture 2030, we will discuss:

  • What is a product carbon footprint label and why is it important?
  • The journey to product carbon footprint labelling for B2B and B2C brands
  • How can a product carbon footprint label allow you to demonstrate to key stakeholders your transparent and proactive approach to measuring and reducing carbon emissions

We will also be joined by live case studies who will discuss how certifying the carbon footprint of their products has allowed them to communicate their carbon impact with confidence.