COP26: Making business sense of Scope 3 emissions with Carlsberg and the Carbon Trust


At this time of climate crisis, businesses have a major role to play in delivering a recovery that is both good for growth and climate. Key to this will be the corporate sector’s ability to set and achieve ambitious net zero targets, which covers an organisation’s full value chain. To achieve this, it is essential to not only understand the impact your own operations have, but also that of your value chain. 

Scope 3 emissions, or value chain emissions, represent all the indirect impacts upstream and downstream of an organisation. These often represent the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and in some cases can account for up to 90% of the total carbon impact. 

In this session, Carbon Trust experts will help make business sense of value chain emissions, featuring the latest expert thinking on how Scope 3 emissions are defined, measured and the benefits engaging your value chain on decarbonisation can deliver.

We will also be joined by Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Senior Director of Sustainability and Communications of the Carlsberg Group, who will discuss the challenges and opportunities Carlsberg have experienced when addressing their Scope 3 emissions.

Our session will allow attendees to grasp the full context of the business case for managing Scope 3 emissions, including the environmental and economic imperatives for alignment, as well as to learn first-hand from a corporate case study on the steps that a business has taken to implement solutions and recommendations for socializing with stakeholders.

This session is taking place during the ICC Make Climate Action Everyone's Business Conference during COP26. You can register here for free.