The road to net zero: Setting the corporate agenda for a time of transition

A road and roundabout seen from above, cutting through sunlit green fields and flooded plains

This interactive one-hour session, led by the Carbon Trust, will give board members the knowledge to effectively engage with senior leadership on the climate and net zero agenda. Themes covered in the session will include: contextual drivers for action; setting a company’s level of ambition; and how to chart a journey towards net zero. 

Participants will also have an opportunity to stay on for a follow-on half-hour group surgery with Carbon Trust experts to explore specific questions in more detail.

The Carbon Trust is a lead partner of Chapter Zero and has 20 years’ experience partnering with businesses, organisations and governments around the world to help them lead the way to a more sustainable future.

Please note this event is for non-executive directors only.



This session is in partnership with Chapter Zero: The Directors' Climate Forum.

Chapter Zero is a special network for non-executive directors committed to developing their knowledge of the implications of climate change for UK business. Given the far-reaching impact and implications, our purpose is to enable these directors to better understand how it is likely to affect their companies and sectors, and to encourage their boards to hold informed and strategic discussions and respond effectively to the climate change challenge. The name of the network, Chapter Zero, reflects the drive towards a net zero carbon economy and the major role business will play in achieving it.

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