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Next steps for renewable energy - regulation, funding and innovation

Tuesday 12 January 2021, 9am to 1pm GMT

This conference will focus on the priorities for further developing renewable energy capacity in the UK.

The agenda:

  • The long-term policy priorities for renewable energy growth, and latest thinking on delivering a green recovery
  • Establishing a market framework for renewables - participation, technology, and costs for consumers and sector stakeholders
    • Reform to Contracts for Difference (CfDs) and maximising industry support for clean capacity - Pot 1 auctions, onshore technology, and sector growth
    • Adapting the Capacity Market for low-carbon - next steps for thresholds and prequalification rules, and increasing engagement with smaller generation and non-generation technologies
    • Supporting renewables sector growth across the whole system - reducing framework barriers and developing pathways to net-zero
    • Market design for financial sustainability and stakeholder engagement
  • Energy infrastructure development and regional growth as part of a clean recovery plan - local energy and industry plans, and preparing local networks for flexible capacity
  • Priorities for innovation - support for the R&D base, commercialisation of clean technology, and new business models
  • Preparing the regulatory and network framework for whole-system change and net-zero objectives
    • System operator duties and grid flexibility - clean capacity integration and scaling up smart balancing
    • Expanding offshore wind power capacity, and coordinating and meeting long-term grid connection needs
    • Reducing regulatory barriers for renewable energy grid access, and creating a charging regime that supports decentralisation

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Next steps for carbon capture, usage and storage in the UK - market development, regulation, and the low-carbon economic recovery policy agenda

Tuesday 16 March 2021, 9am to 1pm GMT

This conference will discuss the next steps for developing carbon capture, usage and storage market in the UK.

The discussion at a glance:

  • the future for policy and regulation
  • creating market conditions for investment and growth
  • innovation in technology and business models
  • opportunities across the sector, and for its partners and suppliers
  • the sector’s role in supporting green economic recovery - jobs growth in regions across the UK and helping meet climate targets

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