UK-ASEAN Energy Efficiency Accelerator: Optimising steam systems in the food and beverage industry

conveyor belt in a factory

Steam systems account for about 30% of the total energy consumed in industrial production. In the food and beverage industry, steam is an important heat transfer media (for processes such as pasteurization, cooking) and is crucial for pressure control.

As energy costs in the region continue to rise, food and beverage manufacturing facilities need effective ways to make their processes more energy efficient. By ensuring efficient steam generation, distribution and end-use, energy costs can be reduced significantly.

To help meet this need, the UK-ASEAN Energy Efficiency Accelerator is organising a virtual workshop with Spirax Sarco on the topic of optimising steam system generation, distribution and end user efficiencies. The agenda for this event is as follows:

  • Introduction to UK-ASEAN Energy Efficiency Accelerator
  • Energy efficiency and energy management in Southeast Asia
  • Steam system fundamentals
  • Steam system optimisation and efficiencies
  • Case studies
Who should attend the virtual workshop?
  • Energy managers
  • Facility managers
  • Process engineers
  • Industrial technicians and plant operators 

The UK-ASEAN Energy Efficiency Accelerator is part of the ASEAN Low Carbon Energy Programme, a £15 million aid programme of the UK’s Prosperity Fund.