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Marine Renewables Proving Fund

The Marine Renewables Proving Fund - providing financial and technical support for the demonstration of promising wave and tidal energy devices.


The Marine Renewables Proving Fund is a £22.5m grant scheme which has proven that full-scale marine energy devices can be installed and operated in open-sea environments. The fund is managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change and provides funding and technical support to six full-scale prototypes.

Final participants in the MRPF were selected via a technical and financial evaluation of applications from 31 different developers following an open call competition. Leading technology developers with robust plans for building, installing and operating a full-scale prototype were chosen, receiving an average grant of over £3 million. The Carbon Trust recruited a Technical Services Team, which provided technical due diligence for the funder but also supported the project teams and has facilitated the sharing of learnings between participants.

All six full-scale prototypes will have been installed and generating by the end of the 2012 Summer weather window, a significant success in an industry where technical delays are common and expected. The success reflects a significantly hands on approach to the disbursements of funds by the Carbon Trust, and strong technical understanding of the technical and milestone changes that are part and parcel of technology demonstration.  The six fully installed devices are central to the increasing confidence of the marine energy industry, which now plans to scale up demonstration to arrays of several MW and is seeing increased private sector investment from strategically placed industrial companies.

Marine Renewables Proving Fund Developers

After detailed appraisal of thirty one applications, the six developers selected for support under the MRPF are:

  • Aquamarine Power
  • Atlantis Resources Corporation
  • Hammerfest Strom UK
  • Marine Current Turbines
  • Pelamis Wave Power
  • Voith Hydro Ocean

Aquamarine power - Oyster 1 prototype at EMEC

Aquamarine Power (wave device) - MRPF grant of £4.66M awarded towards the design, fabrication and installation of a full scale, grid connected 800kW Oyster 800 demonstration device with high pressure pipelines to onshore hydroelectric equipment; planned deployment 2011.

More information: Aquamarine Power website.

Atlantis Resources Corporation

Atlantis (tidal device) - MRPF grant of £1.85M awarded towards the development of the design and manufacture of a 1MW nacelle, next generation blades, control systems, gravity based sub structure and design of a rotate unit for deployment mid-2011.

More information: Atlantis website.

Hammerfest Strom UK

Hammerfest Strom UK (tidal device) - MRPF grant of £4.27M awarded towards the design and manufacture of the HS-1000, a 1MW, gravity based, three bladed tidal device for deployment mid-2011.

More information: Hammerfest website.

Marine Current Turbines

MCT (tidal device) - MRPF grant of £2.15M awarded towards the enhancements to drive train and control systems, design and fabrication of next generation blades including blade root interface and funding of the operation of SeaGen (1.2MW twin nacelle tidal device). In addition, to carry out preliminary environmental monitoring of an array site.

More information: MCT website.

Pelamis Wave Power

Pelamis (wave) - MRPF grant of £4.89M awarded towards the development, construction, commissioning, sea trials, deployment, operation and maintenance of the full scale grid connected device.

More information: Pelamis Wave Power website.

Voith Hydro Ocean Current Technologies

Voith (tidal device) - MRPF grant of £1.90M awarded towards the design and construction of the 1MW EMEC 1 tidal device including installation of the monopile in preparation for deployment of the fixed nacelle with bi-directional blades; deployment of monopile mid-2011.

More information: Voith website.

All work programmes are in their close-out phase under the MRPF.

View further information on the Aid Scheme under which the grant funding is provided.

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