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Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP)

The aim of ORJIP is to reduce consenting risks for offshore wind and marine energy projects.

Offshore wind turbines

The Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) is a joint industry project involving the Carbon Trust, the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Marine Scotland, The Crown Estate and offshore wind developers.

ORJIP Partner Logos
ORJIP Industry Logos

The objective of ORJIP is to reduce the consenting risk for offshore wind farm developments in the UK

  • Risk of not getting consent
  • Risk of delay in getting consent
  • Risk of getting consent with conditions that reduce viability of the project

We are engaging closely with Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies (SNCBs) and scientific and technical experts to solve the consenting issues.

The programme is being managed by Carbon Trust, building on the successful Offshore Wind Accelerator collaborative R&D programme.

We have recently launched a project aimed at quantifying and interpreting avoidance behaviours of key marine bird species at offshore wind farms.

A preliminary study looking at the efficacy of acoustic deterrence devices has also been undertaken and the report detailing the findings from this work can be downloaded from the following link:

Efficacy of acoustic deterrent devices - phase 1 report (PDF)
Efficacy of acoustic deterrent devices -  phase 1 research summary report (PDF)

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the ORJIP projects.

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