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Project match-making: List of Technology Providers

Our match-making service helps join up providers of new technology with the industrial companies that may benefit from them.

By forming partnerships you may be able to apply for demonstration funding from the Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator.

This page is designed for Industrial Companies who are searching for potential Technology Providers.

Search below for TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIONS that may be suitable for your site. If you would like further information, click the Make Contact link and provide us a few details, and we will put you in touch with the technology provider.

Technology Provider

Relevant Sectors

Technology Title

Technology Description


Progress to date

More info


CF ProcSim GmbH 

Pulp and paper


Process simulation and control for the papermaking industy

A papermaking simulation model for the drying process using algorithms based on equipment parameters to create a virtual process. After validation, the virtual process model is connected to the existing control system runs in parallel powered by measured data. Difficult-to-measure process variables are derived from virtual process and used to increase stability and speed of control reactions of actual process.

The control results are simulated into the future so that deviations in the real process are corrected before they occur. Set points are stabilized quickly. Broke is reduced to a minimum and energy consumption is significantly decreased. The drying capacity also increases. 

This technology has already been proven as an engineering and control tool outside the UK and is ready for a demonstration project in the UK


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Bricks, Roof Tiles, Ceramics

AER® kiln cars

Height saving frame enabling productivity increase and / or insulation lining improvement

% of energy saving depending on kiln process. Investment cost depending on kiln dimensions

Prototype already operating outside the UK. Technology ready for a demonstration project in the UK.


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Glass, Cement

Waste heat recovery system using ORC technology for power generation

The Heatcatcher Waste Heat Recovery WHR system integrates the best available Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Technology for generating electricity from waste heat, with a specialised heat exchanger and alternative working fluids.

Utilising waste heat at low temperatures for electricity generation

ORC technology and specialist heat exchanger successfully demonstrated on the exhaust of a lime kiln. Adaptions needed for different exhaust gas compositions, for example for a glass furnace and a cement clinker cooler.


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Magnetically geared motors, generators and power-split devices

Magnomatics’ magnetically geared motors combine a magnetic gear with a standard wound stator. They can offer a torque density of up to 3 times that of an equivalently cooled Permanent Magnet motor, at very high efficiency (typically half the loss of an equivalent PM motor). They can directly drive loads where conventionally a motor and gearbox combination would be employed. Ideal applications have high continuous torque at relatively low speed.

Increased efficiency
High reliability, Low maintenance
Contactless, lubricant-free

Successfully demonstrated in oil & gas applications. Technology ready for demonstration at an industrial site


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Ozo Innovations

Food and Drink

Electrolysed water for cleaning and disinfection

Electrolysed Water is produced by electrolysing a saline solution using a patented flow cell technology without the need for a membrane. Ozo Innovations’ electrolysed water is produced in an efficient, robust and scaleable process - producing a strong and stable solution which can be used for both cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

Time saving – return equipment into production in less time.
Save heating energy by cleaning and disinfecting with ambient solutions.

Trials carried out using electrolysed water produced in off-site lab. Technology ready for in-situ demonstration at an industrial site.


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LAT Water Ltd


Waste heat recovery for water treatment processes in the paper sector, or other sectors, with waste heat available and effluent treatment requirements

Using waste heat to power site water treatment processes. Waste heat (<90°C) is used to evaporate and condense water in successive stages with each stage producing freshwater and an organic/inorganic concentrate. The technology is particularly suited to using waste heat exhaust from processes driven by low pressure steam, where there is also a requirement for effluent treatment, such as the paper making industry.

Potentially 5% electricity savings across a paper mill

The technology is commercialised for treatment of landfill leachate. Proof of concept undertaken for industrial application. Now ready for demonstration at an industrial site.


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If you are a Technology Developer with an innovative technology that you would like to list above, please tell us about your technology here.

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