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IEEA: Technology providers contact form

Technology developers looking to demonstrate near-commercial innovations and access incubation support: please submit your technology ideas for consideration using the link below. 

Read full details of the IEEA

In particular we encourage you to read the Eligibility and Scope sections on the competition page.

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The data you provide may be used to match up you up with a potential industrial partner/s.

We will not pass your contact details on to other parties for any other purpose, without asking for your permission in advance. We will not publish any of the information provided without seeking agreeing your permission in advance.

You warrant that the information provided in this form is true and accurate. Further, you warrant that you own, or have permission to use, any intellectual property rights in or relating to the technology detailed in this form for the purposes of any proposed demonstration project.

The completion of this form does not comprise an application for IEEA funding. The Carbon Trust will carry out an initial screening of the information that you provide in this form in order to assess potential eligibility for IEEA funding. If the Carbon Trust determines that the technology may be eligible for IEEA funding, the Carbon Trust may request permission to publish details on the IEEA website. Such publication will be solely for the purpose of helping you to find industrial companies with whom you may wish to partner to make an application for IEEA funding.

Applications for IEEA funding should be made by downloading and completing the application form available on the IEEA website. A full assessment of the eligibility of the technology for IEEA funding will be carried out by the Carbon Trust after an application has been submitted. Submission of this form or an application for IEEA funding does not guarantee any such funding will be available or that the application will be successful. Any decision by the Carbon Trust regarding eligibility shall be final and non-appealable.

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