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Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator

A new £9.2 million Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator to help strengthen the global competitiveness of British industry

industrial energy efficiency


The Carbon Trust has launched a new £9.2 million Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) to help strengthen the global competitiveness of British industry. Funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the IEEA aims to lower the cost of near-market energy efficient technologies for a range of industrial sectors, through demonstration projects.

Open to all UK manufacturing sectors, the IEEA is a technology neutral competition, targeting innovations that can have the largest cross-sectoral impact on energy and carbon reduction. The programme will target partnerships between developers of energy efficient technologies and industrial companies willing to test these technologies on-site. This will allow promising innovators to demonstrate technology in an operational environment, while providing forward-looking industrial companies with an opportunity to implement pioneering technologies at reduced risk and capital cost.

A total of £9.2m in co-funding will be available through the programme, primarily for funding demonstration projects. Successful applicants should expect to receive between 40-60% of total project cost, with IEEA contributions typically between £150,000 and £750,000 per project – the remainder to be provided by the applicant. There is scope for a small number of exceptional projects to receive more than £750,000.

Where appropriate, demonstrating sites and technology innovators will also receive project de-risking and incubation support to help them deploy projects, build a sales pipeline, and raise finance.

The competition will be open from September 2017 to Summer 2018, with full details to be announced.

How can you find out more?

Download introductory slides

View the introductory slides which provide an introduction and overview of the IEEA, including key considerations for potential applicants such as the competition schedule, application process and eligibility criteria.

Download introductory slides (PDF) 

What will it involve?

Technology innovators

The application process will open from September 2017 and run until Summer 2018. It seeks to engage with technology developers looking to demonstrate near-commercial innovations and access incubation support.

The programme aims to address both technical and commercial challenges by providing tailored support and co-funding to technology developers and start-ups to drive UK expertise.

The Carbon Trust will support the most promising innovators to find industry partners that can jointly demonstrate technologies. Successful results will then be disseminated to increase market confidence and encourage uptake.


Manufacturing organisations across the UK will receive support in finding promising technologies that can have the greatest impact on operational energy use, costs and emissions. Participants will gain first mover advantage and corresponding improved competitiveness and reputational benefits. The programme aims to overcome several demonstration barriers through capital contribution and project support, decreasing associated risks for industrial partners. A ‘fast track’ process is also available for those industrial companies already engaged with a technology developer and looking for funding and advice to help run a demonstration project.

Submit your idea

Please submit technology and/or project ideas for consideration using the link below. Your submission is neither an application, nor a prerequisite for applications to funding under this programme, and can be completed by both technology innovators and industrial companies. Your submission will be used to preliminarily assess the eligibility of the technology or project, and for the programme team to advise on future project applications. We will support with matching suitable technology ideas to potential industrial partners to facilitate full project applications during the competition window.

Submit your idea

Funding Competition

Industrial companies with UK sites, technology developers, equipment suppliers, UK universities and research institutes, or joint consortia may apply for a grant. Technology developers and industrial companies are encouraged to apply to the competition with a combined submission (this can be more than two parties). It is possible for a company to apply individually; however, it is anticipated that most of the projects will be delivered through a partnership.

Please visit our competition page for full eligibility criteria, programme scope, process and timeline, finding a partner, and information on how to apply.

Frequently asked questions

Do we have to submit a full application from the beginning?

No, you can test the project with us and we will provide guidance.

Can the consortium have more than two partners involved?


If I apply on the 1st of September do I have to wait till the end of the application window?

No, we will evaluate projects in batches and provide responses within 4 weeks of receipt.

When do we receive initial funding?

Funds from BEIS will flow to successful project in line with the project plan and milestones as stipulated by the applicant.

Is 31st of January 2018 a hard deadline?

No, the application deadline is flexible but don’t wait until 30 September 2018 to apply because funding may be allocated already.

Must the technology be ready to install?

Yes, but if it is not yet ready you can wait until that is the case and then apply if there is funding remaining.

Funded by

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Led by

Carbon Trust


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Supported by

Innovate UK  

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