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Footprint measurement

We help organisations understand their carbon and environmental footprint, and how reducing it can create a better business.

We have unrivalled expertise in measuring and analysing environmental and carbon footprints.  We can advise on ways to manage risks, identify cost reduction and product-development opportunities.

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Our carbon footprinting experience

Carbon Trust has worked with hundreds of organisations around the world and produced thousands of carbon footprint assessments that have had a positive impact on both the environment and business profitability.

Our work includes:

  • 28,000 certifiable product carbon footprints
  • The Scope 3 Calculation Guidance for the WRI/WBCSD Corporate Value Chain Standard and the PAS 2050 Standard for product footprinting, which we co-authored
  • The creation of leading product carbon footprinting software, Footprint  Expert, used by companies in 17 countries
  • A range of services that measure the entire value chain footprint of an organisation and even whole industries
  • Pioneering work using the Global Protocol for Community Scale Emissions to calculate carbon footprints for cities in the UK, Malaysia and Mexico

Case studies

Using carbon footprint models built with the Carbon Trust, Bord Bia has been able to demonstrate the relative resource competitiveness of Irish agriculture, with the Irish dairy industry being shown to have the joint lowest carbon footprint in Europe.

How we can help

Footprint measurement and analysis

We can develop a certifiable organisational or product footprint for your organisation. This can help boost sales, enhance your corporate brand and identify cost savings and product-development opportunities.

Our value-chain footprinting can be tailored to support the needs of your specific organisation. We develop certifiable footprinting models that are aligned to GHG protocol and PAS 2050, and analyse the data to pinpoint opportunities for your business. We also assess value-chain carbon footprints to identify broader risks and business opportunities around international markets, pricing strategies and entry points for new products and services.  

For footprinting support for public sector organisations, see our public sector advice service.

We also offer organisational and product footprint certification.

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Carbon footprinting software solutions

Footprint Manager software:

Footprint Manager offers a cloud-based reporting tool, supported by the Carbon Trust's expertise, which enables an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint.

The tool enables the calculation and recording of direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, along with emissions from business travel (Scope 3).

Product carbon footprinting software:

Our Footprint Expert tool produces fast, reliable and certifiable carbon footprint measurements for products and services. It provides insights into a product's lifecycle and carbon emissions, unlocking opportunities to reduce its environmental impact through eco-design, operational efficiency, working with suppliers and raising consumer awareness.  The tool leverages the knowledge of the Carbon Trust to reduce both the time taken and cost of calculating the carbon footprint.

Footprint Expert has been designed to comply with the recognised global standard for product carbon footprinting, PAS 2050.  Footprint Expert has been used by many leading companies such as Dyson, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

If you would like to calculate the carbon footprint of your products or services, we can provide step-by-step training to help you get started.  Find out more about Footprint Expert software and training.

Value chain carbon management software:

Value Chain Manager is a cloud-based software tool that helps large organisations measure, manage, and reduce indirect carbon emissions.  It provides organisations with an accessible, reliable and scalable way to footprint your Scope 3 carbon emissions, engage suppliers and make business changes with confidence in the supporting data.

Footprint Expert has shown where the key carbon hotspots are within our product's lifecycle. These are the carbon-intensive areas that will have the most impact on our overall footprint.

Seb Jones, Business Change Director, Müller

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