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Supply chain sustainability

Our expert advice helps you to assess indirect carbon emissions and green your supply chain, to achieve reputational and efficiency gains, savings to the bottom line and ultimately increased revenue.

Greening your supply chain can achieve reputational and efficiency gains, savings to the bottom line and ultimately increased revenue.


Examples of the support we can offer your organisation on supply chain issues include:

  • Supply chain carbon strategy and product innovation
  • Consumer and supplier carbon analytics
  • Footprinting product rules and sector guidance
  • Measurement and certification of the environmental footprint of your organisation, its supply chain and products or services
  • Software tools including Value Chain Manager
  • Carbon Trust Standard for Supply Chain - the world’s first independent certification for organisations that are measuring, managing and reducing greenhouse gas (CO2e) emissions in their supply chains


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Case study: Taylor Wimpey

We helped Taylor Wimpey identify an estimated £29m in cumulative savings by 2020, by taking action on supply chain energy efficiency.

Taylor Wimpey case study

Green supply chain insights

Guidance on where to start with assessing indirect carbon emissions in your organisation, and insights into overcoming the challenges:

Big buyers harness the power of purchasing to deliver emissions reductions in the supply chain

January 2017

Some of the world’s biggest businesses and public sector organisations are using their influence to drive sustainability improvements throughout their supply chains. The CDP Supply Chain Report, written by the Carbon Trust and BSR, reveals that suppliers disclosed emissions reductions equivalent to 434 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2016 – greater than France’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2014. And these reductions resulted in associated cost savings of US$12.4 billion.

Supply chain transformation and resource efficiency

April 2016

This white paper examines the key drivers of supply chain risk and opportunity for companies through the perspective of energy and climate change. We propose a comprehensive approach to addressing this challenge by looking at supplier-focused actions, as well as re-thinking products and business models.

Supply chains are shaping the business models of the future

December 2014

Embedding sustainability into business strategy and management has never been more important to improving resilience and competitive advantage.

Collaboration between farmers and retailers key to reducing carbon footprint of food supply chain

September 2013

Viewpoint from Dr Paul Taylor on why collaboration between retailers, food processors and farmers is the key to cutting carbon and meeting the challenges of climate change.

Optimising the Value Chain: survival of the fittest

August 2013

Survival of the fittest isn’t just about individual companies anymore, as Martin Barrow, world-leading authority on product and service carbon footprinting demonstrates. You may be an extremely efficient company, but only those that create the fittest value chains will continue to thrive.

Can procurement professionals become brand guardians?

May 2013

Recent issues in the supply chain have hit the headlines underscoring the importance of understanding your suppliers. Laura Timlin explains how through openness and collaboration procurement professionals are increasingly becoming brand guardians for forward-thinking firms.

Make business sense of Scope 3

April 2013

8 steps to managing your organisation's Scope 3 carbon emissions.

Innovating business models for sustainability

March 2012

How innovation in products, processes and business models can help organisations become more sustainable.

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