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Policy and markets

Providing cutting-edge policy advice and insights on the transformation of markets towards a low carbon economy.

Our experts have helped governments and other organisations, including corporate, drive the transition to low carbon with detailed insights, based on impartial analysis and practical experience.

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Our experience

We have successfully informed government policy and thinking across the business and the investor community on transforming markets.

Our work is shaping low carbon strategy, energy policy and the creation of major new programmes assisting business and the public sector in the world's developed and emerging economies, including the EU, China, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. In Europe, our work on carbon leakage has helped to frame the debate on EU Emissions Trading Scheme caps and reforms.

Through studies and expert advice Carbon Trust has successfully catalysed transformational thinking and change across business sectors. We have identified the key risks and opportunities related to technology, policy and consumer demand and quantified how they might impact long-term share prices.

Examples of our work

How we can help

We carry out work commissioned directly by clients and proactively initiated by us where we bring partners and funders together to confront the most pressing challenges facing low carbon policy and markets.

Our experience, research and expertise make us unparalleled experts on low carbon issues. We offer our clients and funding partners credibility as an independent authority.

We focus on three areas that are key to achieving the transition to a low carbon economy:

  • Energy efficiency: one of the most effective low cost ways of reducing carbon emissions. We aim to dramatically improve the carbon and energy efficiencies of national economies and business.
  • Innovation: new technologies, strategies and ideas are critical to meeting emissions targets effectively. Our pursuit of innovation will also significantly reduce the cost of the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • Consumer demand: the ultimate driver of global emissions. Our work aims to unlock demand for low carbon products and services.

Recent reports

If you are interested in knowing more about our policy and markets work, recent reports we have produced are available here:

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