Our Breakthrough team reimagines how complex systems work to solve intractable environmental problems. Together with external partners and experts from across the Carbon Trust, it co-creates and grows products, programmes, and companies that bring organisations, policymakers, and individuals together to tackle climate change.  

Our Breakthrough team aims to: 

  • Collaborate with external partners and colleagues to create novel, compelling solutions. 
  • Seek out new perspectives that extend our understanding and challenge existing ideas, by applying systems thinking, design thinking, and open innovation approaches.
  • Try things out to learn and make progress quickly. 
  • Take calculated risks on new opportunities, even if they are unlike what we’ve done before. 

Project examples 

Decarbonising the Use-phase of Connected Devices 

We formed a secretariat with global tech companies Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, and Sky to tackle the emissions associated with the use of internet-connected devices. These devices, such as phones, laptops and speakers globally consume as much electricity as the total annual consumption of France (500TWh of energy in 2020).  

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Route to Net Zero Standard 

The Carbon Trust’s Route to Net Zero Standard is the only certification to recognise organisations’ progress to Net Zero. It helps them measure and manage their emissions, inform carbon reduction strategies, align targets for the future, and certify and communicate progress. The Breakthrough Team collaborated with other Carbon Trust teams on the development of this standard, in particular the digital platform underpinning it.  

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Low Carbon Workplace 

One of our successes is the Low Carbon Workplace concept, where we teamed up with Columbia Threadneedle and Stanhope to create a property fund delivering super-efficient, carbon neutral, and profitable office investments in the UK.  Building on our success in offices, the fund is now extending its ambition to drive the Net Zero transformation of wider UK commercial real estate.   

Learn more about Low Carbon Workplace 

Design Sprint Camp 

The Breakthrough team partnered with Design Thinkers Academy London on an online Bootcamp for responsible innovators and change agents. Participants learned to apply design thinking to a specific climate challenge. This was an opportunity to develop breakthrough ideas, relevant skills, and explore ways to apply open innovation to targeted climate challenges.   

Learn more about the Design Sprint Camp – The Climate Challenge

Work with us 

If you are a company, public organisation, or not-for-profit looking to address an industry-wide decarbonisation challenge, please get in touch.  

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