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Green Tourism - A Green Business Fund Webinar

Join us to find out how to make your small business in the tourism and hospitality sector more energy efficient.

Event Details

  • Thu, 25 Jul 2019

  • 11:00AM - 12:00PM (BST)

  • Online
  • Small to medium sized businesses

  • Free


With the tourist season fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to make your business as energy efficient as possible.

Annual energy costs for the hospitality sector are in excess of £1.3 billion, resulting in carbon emissions of more than 8 million tonnes per year. The business case to reduce these energy costs is clear, and will help you save money, improve your reputation and reduce your environmental impact.

This webinar is for SMEs in the tourism industry who are looking for top energy saving tips and ways that they can become more energy efficient.

In this webinar we’ll cover the following:

  • Why the tourism industry needs to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency
  • The no cost and low cost energy efficiency recommendations you should be aware of
  • How to identify investment opportunities with paybacks of under 3 years
  • Quick wins to help cut your carbon emissions, save energy and save costs
  • How to take advantage of the support and advice services through the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund

This webinar, presented by experts from the Carbon Trust, will explain to businesses what can be done to implement energy management and efficiency improvements, as well as covering information on other services available through the Green Business Fund.

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