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Supply Chain - A Green Business Fund Webinar

This webinar is for small businesses interested in learning more about the environmental impact of their supply chains. It should help you identify areas of risk and opportunities to reduce your overall emissions as well as your exposure to energy cost increase.

Event Details

  • Wed, 30 May 2018

  • 11am - 12 noon (BST)

  • Online
  • Small and medium-sized businesses

  • Free

How to be a good supplier

More and more organisations are looking beyond their own organisational boundaries to assess and act on the opportunities and risks driven by the climate change and resource efficiency agenda. This not only makes business sense, but is also increasingly becoming an expectation for responsible companies. As a result of the influence that a company can exert in its supply chain, directly through the relationship with its suppliers and indirectly through broader influence on the market, a company’s leverage can truly be transformational and multiply the scale of their positive environmental impact upstream the value chain.

Identifying the key sources of emissions within an organisation’s supply chain is integral to manage and reduce the overall businesses emissions and costs exposures. As such, this webinar will cover topics including:

  • Introduction to supply chain emissions and Scope 3
  • Why focus on resource efficiency and emissions reduction in the supply chain
  • Possible approaches to supply chain resource efficiency
  • Effective strategies to prioritise and engage your suppliers
  • Case Studies
  • The Green Business Fund


This webinar, presented by an expert from the Carbon Trust, will explain to businesses what can be done to manage supply chain emissions as well as covering information on other services through the Green Business Fund and how to apply to the Green Business Fund Capital Contribution for those that are eligible. 

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