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Achieving sustainable catering operations using the Green Kitchen Standard

This webinar will be delivered on The Green Kitchen Standard as best practice guidelines in food provenance and environmental management in a catering operation. 

Event Details

  • Tue, 20 Feb 2018

  • 11am until 12 noon

  • Online
  • Caterers

  • Free

Green Kitchen Standard

How GREEN is your Kitchen?

  • 30% of the UK’s CO2 emissions come from food production and distribution.
  • On average, energy costs make up almost a quarter (22.5%) of overheads for the restaurant and catering industry.
  • The cost of food being wasted in the UK from the UK Hospitality and Food sector was estimated to £3 billion per year in 2016, with 18% of all food purchased in the sector being wasted, costing each outlet an average of £10,000 each year!

Despite this:

  • 75% of caterers say they do not have the tools and knowledge to make the environmental changes they would like in their catering operation; and
  • 45% of catering staff feel their business is not green or do not know anything about their business’ green credentials.

Tackling this problem could save your business money, time and resource and help protect the environment too. But where do you start? This is the question we will be answering in a special webinar. Featuring industry experts from the Carbon Trust and Soil Association Certification, we will be discussing the current resource crisis in the catering industry; the latest research and guidance on environmental best practice; and introducing the Green Kitchen Standard - a new, jointly developed certification, which recognises caterers who are taking positive steps to sustainably manage energy, water and waste. This will be followed by a short Q & A session.


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