The Integrator

The Integrator is a joint industry programme which aims to maximise the contribution of offshore wind to a low cost, flexible, predictable and low carbon energy future.

Offshore wind farm

The successful reduction in the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of offshore wind has contributed to increased deployment in the last decade, particularly in the UK and Europe. The continued growth of offshore wind and other renewable energy technologies will introduce new challenges and opportunities for effective system integration. 

Technology innovation presents opportunities for offshore wind to evolve its role in the energy system and reduce system integration costs. 

The Integrator is designed to examine the interplay between offshore wind, existing infrastructure, and other technologies and developments to identify real opportunities to innovate and put offshore wind at the forefront in the energy transition, in collaboration with both industry and public bodies.


Initial projects are:

  • a study to define key market factors that impact the use and integration of offshore wind energy
  • a study to identify key technology options that could maximise opportunities for offshore wind energy use and integration, considering wider market characteristics


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