Vodafone Group - partnering for emissions reduction

The Carbon Trust has an ongoing partnership with Vodafone Group plc, supporting its work to quantify, report and reduce its environmental impacts at both a global level, and in individual markets.

Vodaphone headquarters

The first step for any business wishing to tackle its environmental impacts is to measure these impacts across its entire operation. For a diversified, global company like Vodafone, quantifying its Scope 1 and 2 emissions – the emissions directly associated with its operations and purchased energy – is no easy task. To help with this and ensure that Vodafone’s legal and voluntary reporting are in line with the latest in international best practice, the Carbon Trust supports the development of Vodafone’s carbon accounting methodology, data collection and carbon footprint on an annual basis.

To get a true picture of environmental impact it is also necessary to measure Scope 3 emissions – the indirect emissions occurring in a company’s value chain. The Carbon Trust has helped Vodafone carry out an analysis for all Scope 3 categories, quantifying and identifying those areas that are the most material, and where it has the most potential to influence third-party emission reductions.

However, Vodafone’s connectivity and technology solutions can also provide its customers with opportunities to reduce or avoid incurring emissions. For example, the company’s IoT technology allowed the city of Guadalajara in Spain to connect 13,500 LED street lights to a central management system, which resulted in a 68% reduction in energy consumption.

The Carbon Trust has worked with Vodafone to calculate the amount of carbon emissions saved using IoT solutions including: smart metering, smart logistics and smart cities applications - at both a global level and in specific markets. As a result, Vodafone knows that its products and services are helping customers save an estimated 5.9 million tonnes of CO2e in the 2018/19 financial year, saving 2.9 tonnes of carbon for each tonne emitted by their own operations.

We have a long and successful relationship working with the Carbon Trust. Vodafone understands the value of accurate and comprehensive carbon reporting in driving change. Working with such a respected and knowledgeable organisation ensures our stakeholders have confidence in the quality and credibility of our reporting.

Andrew Murray, Sustainable Business, Vodafone Group