Science-based targets guide

Insight on the need for science-based targets on carbon emissions, how to make the internal business case, and implications for your organisation.

Insight on science-based targets, featuring a series of articles written and published by the team at the Carbon Trust. The 19-page booklet covers:

  • Why do we need to set science-based targets on climate change?
  • What exactly is a science-based target?
  • Why should a company set a science-based target?
  • How do you make the internal business case for setting a science-based target?
  • How does setting a science based target fit in with your wider sustainability strategy?

It also includes more details about how the Carbon Trust can help your organisation to set a science-based carbon emissions target, alongside putting in place realistic plans to deliver those reductions, and case studies from organisations that have set science-based targets.

Publication updated November 2018.

Information in this document was correct at the time of publication