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The Carbon Trust Route to Net Zero Standard is the only certification that guides and supports your organisation on your journey towards Net Zero and climate leadership.

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What is the Route to Net Zero Standard? 

The Carbon Trust’s Route to Net Zero Standard helps organisations measure and manage their emissions, inform carbon reduction strategies, and align targets for the future – all with tailored advice from our trusted experts.

Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way to Net Zero, we'll independently verify your carbon reductions, and guide you in taking the next steps towards decarbonisation. We'll provide all the support you need to clearly and confidently communicate your commitment to a global audience.

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Laura Timlin

Director, The Carbon Trust

The Route to Net Zero will be challenging, but wherever you are on your journey, we have the expertise to help you succeed.


The Net Zero challenge

We recognise that businesses are at different stages on their Net Zero journey; and will have different needs to turn their climate ambition into reality. Wherever you are on your journey, our expertise can guide you in answering key questions such as:

  • How will we set the right targets? 
  • Do we have the right financial and operational setup to achieve these targets?
  • How will we know when we are making progress, and if we are on track?
  • How can we communicate progress inside and outside of our organisation?
  • How will we inspire people to trust that we will deliver on our climate ambition?

That’s why we’ve created the Route to Net Zero Standard, helping organisations measure and manage their emissions, inform carbon reduction strategies, and align targets for the future.

Planning your route

We've developed 3 certification levels to guide you on your journey to Net Zero. 

As you progress through the levels, the qualifying requirements become more challenging and cover more aspects of carbon management. 

Our experts will guide you through the whole process, so you and your stakeholders can be confident that you are successfully meeting the targets needed to reach your Net Zero destination.

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Each certificate covers the following:

Taking Action
  • Historical reductions in operational emissions
  • GHG emissions reduction target
  • Foundational CO2e management practices
  • Science-aligned reductions in emissions
  • Science-aligned reduction target
  • Advancing CO2e management practices
  • 1.5°C aligned reductions in emissions
  • Net Zero target 
  • Leading CO2e management practices

Why the Carbon Trust?

We've been pioneering decarbonisation for more than 20 years for businesses, governments and organisations around the world. We have more than 300 experts worldwide and have supported over 3,000 organisations in 50 countries with their climate action planning.

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Get in touch and speak to one of our Net Zero experts. We'll answer any questions you have about the Standard and guide your organisation towards Net Zero.