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About the company

Intelligent Facility Solutions, an ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited company, are focussed on eliminating waste and unnecessary energy consumption in ‘away from home’ washroom environments through the provision of low energy hand dryers. They can provide facilities site surveys, only recommending the products where cost savings, a clear return on investment and benefit to the environment can be demonstrated.

They live by the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, aiming to provide solutions, as well as put into their own working practices, the former before having to, as a last resort, the latter.

Current initiatives include:

Their low energy hand dyers start from as little as 1.1 Wh per dry and 180W rated power.

A useful calculator is available to work out energy, cost and carbon savings compared to existing “hand drying” solutions such as paper towels, which is also available on every product page to compare across the range.


Accredited technology group:

  • Energy efficient hand dryers


Case study: Sheffield International Venues – Motorpoint Arena

Existing technology

Mixed conventional warm air hand dryers varying from 2kw to 2.5kw rated with 30 to 45 second drying cycles. Some units were manual operation so continued to use energy while not in use. Typical energy consumption was 20 to 30 watts per dry.

New technology/solution

Energy efficient, high speed hand dryers rated at 0.7kw with 10 to 15 second average dry times. All units start immediately when hands are placed under and stop as soon as they are removed. Typical energy consumption is 1.9 to 2.9 watts per dry.

IFS carried out a comprehensive site survey of all our facilities which highlighted the inefficiency of the current hand dryers. They had an excellent range of hand dryers designed to suit the rigours of intense use and were even able to make technical adjustments to the product to specifically meet our requirements.

Capital cost: £5760

Energy saving: £1282 per annum

Carbon saving (tCO2e): 6.3 per annum

Other savings: Reduction in use of paper rolls from cubicles

Project payback: 4.49

The case study was one site within a wider program for the same client The total project is calculated to cost £38,000 and deliver a £10,000per annum saving, (3.8 year payback period). The product life span is up to 20 years based on expected use making the investment highly justifiable. Total CO2 reduction was calculated at 51 tCO2e per annum.



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