The BEIS Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA)

The BEIS IEEA assists partnerships between developers of innovative energy efficient technologies and industrial companies willing to test technologies on-site. It is funded through the UK government and managed by the Carbon Trust, with support from Jacobs Engineering.

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Key facts

  • The BEIS IEEA is a programme designed to identify and deploy novel energy efficiency technologies and accelerate their take up by UK industry.
  • Our key focus is on innovations with large cross-sector energy and carbon reduction impact, either new technologies or established technologies applied to new sectors
  • The target areas include all industrial and manufacturing sectors in the UK – this includes data centres, water utilities and the waste sector
  • To-date a total of £8.1m from UK government, leveraging £7.6m in private sector funding, has been invested into 16 projects

The IEEA provides government funding and support to projects that focus on the demonstration of innovations that are being developed to reduce carbon emissions from industry. 

Industrial emissions are responsible for around one fifth of total UK carbon emissions and are difficult to reduce due to the intensity of energy required by industrial processes.[1]  The Committee on Climate Change has highlighted the government’s ambition to enable businesses and industry to make a 20% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030 as critical to achieving the UK’s net zero target by 2050.[2] 

The IEEA supports projects from all UK industry sectors that can demonstrate either a novel technology (targeting Technology Readiness Levels 5-8), or the use of an established technology in a novel way. It allows promising innovators to demonstrate their technology in an operational environment and increase confidence from potential users. While it also provides industrial companies with an opportunity to implement pioneering technologies with decreased risk and capital cost.

By demonstrating these technologies under operational conditions, the IEEA seeks to increase the likelihood of their wider adoption across the UK’s industrial sector, bolstering competitiveness, whilst reducing carbon emissions. Many of the technologies are also expected to have applications across industries worldwide, stimulating the export market for UK technology developers. 

A total of £8.1m in UK government funding has been made available to 16 projects through the programme. Phase one projects were announced in January 2019 and phase two projects were announced in February 2020.

Phase one projects

Phase two projects

For more information visit: Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator  

[1] Progress in reducing UK emissions 2019, the Committee on Climate Change
[2] Progress in reducing UK emissions 2019, the Committee on Climate Change

The IEEA webinar series

Find out more about these projects, and hear from some of the project participants, in the following webinars. 

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