Sophie Bordat


Sophie works at the cutting edge of multiple large-scale sector and market transformation initiatives around the world and is COP26 Climate Champion’s Cooling Transformation Lead. She has played a key role in the delivery of the Carbon Trust’s net zero cooling and energy access work over the last three years. Sophie was the lead analyst on the Carbon Trust’s thought leadership report on net zero cold chains for food and on developing the Cooling Climate Action Pathway to Net Zero in collaboration with the COP26 High Level Champions, the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program, Cool Coalition and Oxford University.

As part of her COP26 Climate Champions role she engages with cooling manufacturers to help them join the Race to Zero. Sophie’s work includes extensive international stakeholder engagement and analysis working with colleagues across the Carbon Trust’s UK, South African, and Mexico teams as well as conducting desk-based research and quantitative analysis for innovative projects such as financing the blue economy in Southern Africa. 

Sophie holds a master’s from the University College London in Environment and Sustainable Development where she gained expertise in development and environmental planning and participated in field research in informal settlements in Freetown, Sierra Leone.