Mauricio Riveros

Associate Director, Energy Transition

Mauricio Riveros

Mauricio Riveros is an Electrical Engineer with 15 years of experience in power system development, energy markets and policies. He's worked in the low-carbon energy sector on projects related to smart grids, integration of renewables, storage deployment and coal retirement for high-profile clients across the UK, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

He currently leads the development of the Carbon Trust's international energy transition work, which includes System Flexibility, Smart Grids and Storage, developing Clean Hydrogen, and developing Coal Retirement Financial Mechanisms to accelerate the global decarbonisation of energy systems.

Before the Carbon Trust, Mauricio worked on defining the grid investment plan for ENEL distribution in Chile. He was the Vice President of the Chilean Association of Electrical Companies working group, responsible for determining a new National Electrical Industry Safety Regulation.

Areas of focus

  • Energy transition