Decentralised energy

Developing decentralised energy projects to generate, use and store heat and power locally in schemes such as district heating and cooling networks, wind turbines and photovoltaic panels.


Decentralised energy projects can generate lasting cost and carbon savings, and protect against future energy price rises. They can also deliver broader social objectives such as ensuring security of supply and addressing fuel poverty. 

Energy can be generated using renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro power, biomass, combined heat and power plants. Electricity can then be stored in batteries, ready for use as required, and thermal stores can be used for heat and cooling generated. 

Why the Carbon Trust? 

The Carbon Trust decentralised energy team provides independent, technology-neutral advice and expertise to public bodies in the UK and internationally that want to investigate and progress decentralised energy projects. 

With expertise in stakeholder management, planning policy support, financial and commercial modelling, and technical advice, we can support you through the decentralised energy project development process. 

The Carbon Trust team can support in all aspects of renewable and decentralised energy project development, including asset reviews, concept development,  feasibility studies, business case development, commercial advice and procurement. We regularly undertake renewable energy surveys for the public sector and private sector businesses, identifying the best technologies for the location and providing advice on the interplay between each technology. 

We have worked to identify sites and develop renewable strategies for local authorities, including solar farms and stand-alone wind turbines, as well as roof-mounted solar systems for schools, public buildings, warehouses and landfill sites.

How we can help

District Heating and Cooling

The Carbon Trust team can support local authorities and public bodies to develop heat networks from concept to commercialisation, through project management, stakeholder engagement, financial modelling, planning policy support, commercial and technical advice.  

We have been active in the delivery of project development support funded through the BEIS Heat Network Delivery Unit (HNDU), having delivered more than 35 Heat Mapping and Energy Masterplanning, Techno-Economic Feasibility and Outline Business Case projects across the UK in the last five years. 

Renewables Feasibility  

Our independent experts can help with in-depth feasibility studies, energy surveys, site surveys and GIS scoping, and techno-economic analysis of your carbon reduction and sustainability projects. 

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