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Micro CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Accelerator - Final report

Report from the Carbon Trust's Micro-CHP Accelerator on the potential benefits of different Micro-CHP technologies and the barriers to their adoption.


Publication date: March 2011
Information in this report was correct at the time of publication


Publication date: March 2011

By producing both useful heat and electricity locally, combined heat and power (CHP) systems can potentially achieve lower overall carbon emissions than conventional heating systems and grid electricity.

The Carbon Trust's Micro-CHP Accelerator carried out a wide range of activities to better understand the potential benefits of different micro-CHP technologies and the barriers to their adoption.

The Micro-CHP Accelerator demonstrated that this technology can achieve significant carbon savings against alternative heating systems in both domestic and non-domestic buildings, particularly when the demand for heat is high and consistent.

But a number of challenges remain, including reducing costs, increasing efficiency and ptimising installation and controls.

This report provides a concise synthesis and analysis of the results of the field trial, including annual performance data for the first time.

Download Micro-CHP Accelerator final report (CTC788)

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