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Marine energy background reports

Carbon Trust have commissioned a range of detailed reports on technology, cost and resource for wave and tidal flow energy devices.

Technical reports

Technical overview of wave and tidal stream energy (55kb, pdf) 2006
Ocean waves and wave energy device design (600kb, pdf) 2006
Tidal streams and tidal stream energy device design (252kb, pdf) 2006
Glossary of technical terms 2006 (1642kb, pdf) 2006
Shoreline and near-shore OWC wave energy devices summary (65kb, pdf) 2006
Foundations and moorings for tidal systems (1396kB, pdf) 2009
Variability of wave and tidal stream energy - overview (81kb, pdf) 2006
ECI report on variability of UK marine energy resources (3465kb, pdf) 2005
ECI report on diversified renewable energy resources (869kb, pdf) 2006
Life-cycle energy and emissions of marine energy devices (58kb, pdf) 2006
Guidelines on standards for marine energy devices 2005
Engineering testing of marine energy devices (87kb, pdf) 2006
OWC wave energy converter evaluation (3905kb, pdf) 2005

Cost of energy

Cost estimation methodology (current 2012)
Energy capture performance (276kb, pdf) 2006
Capital, operating and maintenance costs (120kb, pdf) 2006

Resource estimation

UK wave energy resource  (1.3MB, pdf) 2012
     Appendix B: Charts  (10MB, pdf) 2012
UK tidal current resource and economic assessment (1707kb, pdf) 2011
     Appendix A: UK resource map (2MB, pdf) 2011
     Appendix B: Site charts (8MB, pdf) 2011
     Appendix C: Hydrodynamic methodlogy update (2MB, pdf) 2011

Marine Green Growth
 (350kb, pdf) 2011
Black and Veatch summary report on UK tidal stream resources (328kb, pdf) 2005
Overview of UK tidal stream resource and tidal stream technology (126kb, pdf) 2006

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