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Accredited Suppliers and installers of energy efficiency and renewable energy technology

Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers have been independently assessed by the Carbon Trust and met or exceeded criteria designed to examine their capability and proven track record of delivering thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. As part of the robust assessment process, the Carbon Trust takes into consideration case studies and feedback from client references regarding suppliers’ performance.  

We welcome customer feedback relating to any of our Accredited Suppliers, and encourage you to contact us via The Carbon Trust is committed to dealing with complaints in a fair and impartial manner, as detailed in our Complaints Policy (PDF)


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    DK Heat Recovery Limited

    Design and supply of refrigeration heat recovery systems. Systems recover the waste heat from refrigeration plant to provide free hot water or space heating. Standard systems available from 50 litre / 3kW to bespoke installations of over a Megawatt.

    PHONE: 01482 426 264
    WEBSITE: Company Website

    Compressor Systems (Wales) Ltd

    We supply, hire, install, service and repair all compressed Air Equipment. We have 6 factory trained field service engineers, and 2 factory trained installation engineers. We are an energy driven company who utilise the most advanced technology to achieve energy saving potential. We are incorporating industry 4.0 as part of our company module.

    PHONE: 01633 868 699
    WEBSITE: Company Website

    Tom Gallagher Limited

    Reducing business, Schools and College energy bills by installing LED Lighting (new and retro fit), Solar PV systems and Voltage Management products, utilising the latest and most cost effective proven products. Full application assistance provided by our experienced admin team. Detailed payback quotations and warranties provided.

    PHONE: 01617 032 411
    WEBSITE: Company Website

    Rexel UK Ltd

    Rexel UK Ltd is a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

    Britek Technologies Ltd

    Britek Technologies are a Manufacturer of High Quality LED Lighting based in Bolton. We supply to the residential, commercial, industrial and public sectors. We manage projects from Free Audits, design, specification, manufacture and supply, as well as installation if needed. We will always aim to maximise the energy savings and aesthetics, as well as making the process as smooth as possible for customers.

    PHONE: 0161 850 0905
    WEBSITE: Company website

    Talbotts Biomass Energy Systems Ltd

    British manufacturers of biomass and wood-waste energy systems. Broad range available from manual fed wood burning air heaters to RHI compliant biomass boilers. Can utilise a variety of waste wood & biomass including MDF, Chipboard, Softwood, Hardwood & Wood Chips. The Talbotts brand has been established for nearly 40 years.

    PHONE: 01785 813 772
    WEBSITE: Company website


    EcoSol offer innovative sustainable solutions to five major sectors across the UK, commercial, industrial, Public, retail and residential. From design to completion we have the experience and expertise to deliver to your requirements and expectations. EcoSol recognise that our day to day activities have an impact on the environments in which we operate. We aim to be socially and environmentally responsible wherever possible and work closely with our clients / stakeholders to help achieve their set targets in carbon reduction.

    PHONE: 01772 910 991
    WEBSITE: Company Website

    Commercial Light Solutions Ltd

    Specialising in the supply and installation of LED Lighting Systems for all types of commercial and educational facilities, we focus on the replacement of inefficient and outdated lighting technologies and provide comprehensive ROI projections and supporting Lighting Plans on a F.O.C. basis allowing the customer to make an informed choice.

    PHONE: 01202 862 676 / 07808 135 867
    WEBSITE: Company Website

    Greystone Services (Scotland) Limited

    For both Retrofit and New Build we advise on the most cost effective LED Lighting. We carry out Site Surveys, Energy Analysis and Carbon Reduction calculation, DIALux Simulations, Full Costing for Supply or Supply and Install, Estimated Maintenance Savings, Supply or Installation of Sample Fittings or Lamps.

    PHONE: 01355 268444
    WEBSITE: Company website

    Thermal Energy

    Thermal Energy International Inc. is an established global supplier of proprietary and proven energy efficiency and emission reduction solutions to the industrial and institutional sectors worldwide. We save our customers money and improve their bottom line by reducing their fuel use and cutting their carbon emissions.

    PHONE: 01179177010
    WEBSITE: Company Webpage

    Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers have met or exceeded criteria set by the Carbon Trust designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. As part of the assessment process, the Carbon Trust takes into consideration feedback from client references regarding the suppliers’ performance. Whilst the Carbon Trust has endeavoured to confirm that all suppliers included in the Green Business Directory are of a proven high quality, users of the Green Business Directory enter into contracts directly with Accredited Suppliers to the exclusion of the Carbon Trust, and at their own risk. The Carbon Trust makes no representations regarding, nor does it accept any liability whatsoever in respect of, the performance of any services or the supply of any goods by Accredited Suppliers. Case studies have been written and supplied by Accredited Suppliers. Details should be independently reviewed by prospective customers

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