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Where can I find advice on renewable energy generation?

See our guide to renewable technologies available and finance and implementation support for renewable energy technology, including solar PV...

We have a range of useful guides that introduce the different renewable technologies available and discuss how to implement them in your organisation. 

Renewable technology can lower your energy bills, create energy price stability and security, enhance your organisation's green credentials, and potentially allow you to sell electricity back to the grid.

For an overview of the main renewable energy sources, see our guide to renewable energy technologies.

If you think an onsite renewable technology would be suitable for your company you should:

  • Carry out pre-work assessment with the energy and facility managers to identify specific carbon-saving opportunities, risks and issues and maintenance opportunities.
  • Conduct a feasibility study that provides a realistic estimate of the whole-life costs and benefits of all the potential renewable technologies.
  • Implement a pilot project onsite that can provide data to support your renewable technology decisions.
  • Explore funding sources that could help you upgrade to renewable technology such as Enhanced Capital Allowances, which allow your business to deduct 100% of capital expenditure against taxable profits, and feed-in tariffs.
  • Address issues such as operator training and staff awareness, and set up a maintenance schedule when installing a renewable technology.

Our paid-for Client services experts work with businesses and the public sector to help them incorporate renewables and develop low-carbon technology.

Find Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers and installers of renewable energy technology in the Carbon Trust Green Business Directory

Finance and support for renewables

We offer financing support for installing renewable energy technologies.

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