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Where can I find information on energy use benchmarking?

Energy benchmarking for your organisation, sector or building, including self-benchmarking.

Benchmarking energy use

A number of methods are available for benchmarking energy use.


Specific energy ratios (SER) -  kWh per unit of output

Historically, it has been common to express the performance of industrial processes as specific energy ratios (SER), kWh per unit of output. They should be used with caution because they usually vary with product output (falling as throughput increases), and are affected by shifts in the balance between different product grades. They may also be affected by the weather.


Normalised performance indicator (NPI) - kWh per square metre of floor area

Buildings energy performance can be measured by the normalised performance indicator (NPI), the weather-adjusted kWh per square metre of floor area. These can be used to provide comparisons between buildings, or against published yardstick values, as a benchmarking aid.

Benchmark your organisation's energy use

A monitoring and targeting scheme can be programmed to calculate NPIs, provided that appropriate data on building floor area, occupancy pattern and type of use are available.  Our Monitoring and targeting - in-depth management guide describes a method of self-benchmarking to complement benchmarking on the basis of NPIs or SERs.

Our guide Degree days for energy mangement explains how to analyse energy use to understand weather-related energy consumption.  This includes constructing control charts that compare benchmarked and actual energy usage (the closer they are, the greater your energy efficiency).

The Carbon Trust Standard also offers benchmarking reports for organisations undergoing certification.

Benchmark tool

SME Energy Benchmark tool

Our Benchmarking tool is designed to help SMEs prioritise energy reduction across energy intensive technologies and areas. SMEs can compare the relative performance of their site against industry benchmarks and estimate potential savings.

SME Energy Benchmark tool

Improving your organisation's energy performance

Read more about  improving the energy performance of your organisation in our energy management guidance.

Our energy efficiency financing services support organisations seeking to improve energy efficiency. To find out how our experts can assist your business, see our client services.

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