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Frequently asked questions about Carbon Trust services and advice

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    Can Carbon Trust help my organisation implement a Carbon Management Strategy?

    Yes. We offer a comprehensive Carbon Management Strategy service for businesses and public sector organisations...

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    How should I design an energy/carbon management strategy?

    We help private and public sector organisations develop tailored carbon management strategies...

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    How can I compare the carbon impact of one product against another?

    In order to compare your product’s carbon impact you will need to measure the footprint...

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    How can I find out the carbon emissions from a product or service?

    We can help you calculate the whole-life carbon emissions of your products and services. You may also find our Conversion factors guide useful when calculating your organisation’s emissions...

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    How do I go about calculating a carbon footprint?

    We can calculate the entire carbon footprint of your organisation or industry, from the supply chain to the product and the people who buy it. Our Footprint Expert software allows you to calculate the individual environmental impact and CO2 emissions of each product and service...

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    Where can I find equipment suppliers and installers?

    We connect customers to our network of approved low-carbon product suppliers. For more information or to find an accredited supp. or call us...

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    Where can I find information on energy and climate change policy?

    Download our reports on energy and climate policy areas and their impact on business. If you would like support or advice in developing national or local energy and climate-change policy, our Policy and Markets team may be able to help...

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    Where can I find out more about the Energy Technology List (ETL) and Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)?

    The Energy Technology List is managed by Carbon Trust on behalf of the UK government...

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    Are loans for energy-efficient equipment available through Carbon Trust?

    Yes, we offer low-cost financing and business loans to public and private-sector organisations that want to invest in low-carbon equipment...

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    Are there any grants available from the Carbon Trust?

    Small and medium sized businesses in England, Scotland and Wales may be eligible for the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund, and our Northern Ireland and Wales services offer 0% interest loans to businesses seeking to invest in energy efficiency and green technology...

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