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Frequently asked questions about Carbon Trust services and advice

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    Where can I find advice on renewable energy generation?

    See our guide to renewable technologies available and finance and implementation support for renewable energy technology, including solar PV...

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    Where can I find advice on energy efficient heating?

    We provide a range of guides introducing you to the issues associated with heating and providing advice on how to combat heat loss and save energy...

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    Where can I find information on conversion factors?

    Our guide to Conversion factors is designed to make it easier to calculate your organisation’s carbon footprint. For a brief introduction, visit our Conversion factors page...

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    Where can I find advice on degree days?

    To find out more about degree days and how they can help you monitor and measure your organisation's energy efficiency, visit our Degree days page and read our in-depth guide...

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    Where can I find advice on energy efficient lighting?

    We help organisations ensure their lighting systems are as efficient as possible. Our Lighting guidance gives advice on low energy lighting and the main energy-saving opportunities in this area...

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    Where can I find advice on improving building energy efficiency?

    Our Buildings energy efficiency page includes several guides on how to improve energy efficiency through building fabric improvements and building controls...

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    How can I manage energy in my organisation more effectively?

    Energy management has to be an integral part of your organisation if it is to have a significant impact on carbon emissions...

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    How can I help my employees save energy?

    Our business and public sector advice services can support you to develop and implement employee engagement strategies...

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    I am new to energy saving. Where do I start?

    Our collection of online tools, guides and reports provides information on a range of low-carbon issues...

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    Can the Carbon Trust help me develop my product?

    We work across the globe with some of the world’s biggest companies, developing clean technology and low-carbon products...

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