Communicating Wyke Farms' cheddar cheese footprint

Wykes farm cheddar

Client: Wyke Farms 

Service: Product Carbon Footprint Label 


  • Helped Wyke Farms build trust with its consumers by verifying and certifying their product footprint 
  • Enabled conscious consumers to make more informed purchases by visualising a product’s carbon footprint 

What was the challenge?  

The family-run business, whose cheeses feature across UK supermarket aisles, had already taken steps to reduce emissions. This included converting 75,000 tonnes of farm waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser and biogas to power its production. Yet, as the company aimed to create carbon neutral products, it was time to visualise its efforts. To prevent empty claims, Wyke Farms wanted verification through an independent carbon neutrality certification, in line with PAS 2060 standard.  

How did we help?  

From farm to fork, we collaborated with Wyke Farms to recognise the steps they had taken and calculated the lifecycle footprint of seven of their cheeses—including the beloved Ivy’s Reserve Cheddar.  

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After identifying areas where Wyke Farms could minimise its footprint further, we were able to certify all seven kinds of cheese with our Product Carbon Neutral label. We recommended three key actions: 

  • Measure Wyke Farms’ product footprint across the UK, France and the US. In doing so, Wyke Farms could see the hotspots that drive their emissions.  
  • Reduce Wyke Farms’ product footprint by verifying their carbon management plan. This plan highlights how the dairy producer will cut its footprint year on year.  
  • Offset hard-to-decarbonise emissions such as milk supply in projects that meet the PAS 2060 standard. For this, Wyke Farms has invested in two high-quality projects: protecting a peat rain forest in Indonesia and solar-energy production in India. Find out more in its Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES).  

Nonetheless, offsetting remains a temporary solution as Wyke Farms looks for new ways to decrease its footprint. One critical initiative has been its incentive programme, which audits supplier farms and promotes regenerative farming. Through this programme Wyke Farms cut its CO2 output, releasing 20% less carbon per litre of milk than the average UK farm.  

What were the benefits? 

The Product Carbon Neutral Label empowers conscious consumers to make greener purchases. By adding carbon emissions to the label, the food industry can give consumers control to support businesses that seek to reduce their impact. 

By affirming and certifying seven of Wyke Farms’ products, we were able to:  

  • Help Wyke Farms build trust with its consumers by being transparent.  
  • Pinpoint the carbon hotspots which Wyke Farms should address, so they can move ahead in becoming a 100% green business.  
  • Enable Wyke Farms to stand out in the market as a dairy producer that is environmentally responsible. 

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