Developing A Robust Carbon Offsetting Strategy

Carbon offsetting: a three stage approach for organisations to implement a robust strategy that includes direct and indirect emissions reductions.

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Publication date: November 2006
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Publication date: 17/11/2006

This guide provides a step by step process for organisations interested in carbon offsetting to implement a robust strategy that includes direct and indirect emissions reductions.

In our experience of working with companies on emissions reductions, a carbon reduction strategy that focuses first on direct and supply chain emissions reductions before offsetting should improve an organisation's bottom line through energy cost savings and improved operational efficiency. It can also allow organisations to exploit new revenue opportunities from new low carbon products and services and improve their corporate social responsibility position and reputation by demonstrating their commitment to mitigating climate change directly by reducing their own emissions and carbon footprint.

For companies that then wish to offset, this guide will help them navigate this emerging market and provide advice on how to purchase good quality offsets, generated by verified projects that create genuine emissions reductions.

The guide includes details of how to carry out the necessary due diligence to assess the integrity and credibility of carbon offsets, and provides the knowledge and tools needed to have an informed discussion with carbon offset providers.


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