Iskur Denim - water footprinting

ISKUR, established in 1990, is a Turkish conglomerate operating in a variety of sectors including clothing manufacturing, automotive, energy and insurance. In 2016 the company expanded its home textile production business into denim manufacture. This new unit, Iskur Denim, decided to make sustainability and social responsibility a key component in its market offering.

Denim Jeans

Denim production is infamously water intensive, as both cotton production and the dyeing process requires huge amounts of water. This is an area where Iskur Denim can show a sustainability advantage through the use of an innovative, water-saving indigo dyeing process that reduces the number of times that the yarn has to be washed, saving substantial amounts of water.

In order to demonstrate the credibility of its environmental claims, Iskur Denim chose to work with the Carbon Trust to independently verify the water footprint of its operations and establish a 2017 baseline from which the company can demonstrate reductions over time. This assurance can be used to confidently communicate to customers, helping Iskur Denim to win new business.

We chose to partner with the Carbon Trust because of their world-leading experience in footprinting, giving us confidence in the credible communication of the water impacts of our denim manufacturing operations on the environment. We now have an accurate baseline, which we can use to measure the progress of our strategy to reduce water use going forward.

Özlem Özkan, head of product development, Iskur Denim