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The Carbon Trust has a strong track record of delivering high-quality, industry-leading services to provide insight and guidance on a wide range of offshore wind areas. The services we have delivered to clients include policy advice, market analysis, cost analysis and modelling, innovation prioritisation, technology commercialisation, and energy system modelling (including wind-storage integration).

Our expertise has been cultivated over a decade of being at the forefront of offshore wind development, which has included informing government policy, setting up and running large scale joint industry programmes, and delivering consultancy services for public and private sector clients. As such, we have developed strong relationships with key industry stakeholders from policymakers to project developers and technology providers.

Our independence allows us to maintain an objective viewpoint at all times, to ensure that the information provided is accurate and without bias, in order to best meet the needs of our clients.

Having played a core role in stimulating and supporting the European offshore wind market, we now work internationally to apply our learnings to new and emerging offshore wind markets overseas. Our activity in recent years has seen us provide support to government departments and multinational clients in Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, and the United States.

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Case studies

Report produced for the International Energy Agency’s Renewable Energy Technology Deployment programme (IEA-RETD) highlights the importance of effective policy in stimulating deployment and driving cost reduction in the offshore wind sector.

This report identifies technical, policy and regulatory challenges faced by Japan’s offshore wind industry. It maps existing local solutions against where experience from the more developed European offshore wind industry could be leveraged to cut consenting, planning and construction costs, and speed up deployment of offshore wind in Japan.

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