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Holistic offshore wind farm control strategies to be put to the test

7 December 2017 | News

New multimillion euro project launched as part of the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator programme will investigate best use of Wind Farm Controls to maximise energy production from offshore wind whilst reducing turbine loads

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How should boards approach the great strategic challenge of climate change?

Posted by Tom Delay | 7 December 2017 | Viewpoint

The question is no longer if we will move towards a low carbon economy, it is when and how? And importantly, how much warming will be locked-in during this transition? These are issues that need to be considered very carefully.

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South Korean sustainability successes recognised through Carbon Trust assurance

7 December 2017 | News

Carbon Trust Certification is continuing to grow in South Korea through our partnership with the KPC.

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Developing Clean Energy Solutions in Latin America’s Major Cities

Posted by Richard Rugg | 6 December 2017 | Viewpoint

Cites hold the key to tackling climate change, and Latin America is already one of the world’s most densely urbanised regions. Ensuring that the major cities of today and the future can satisfy the increasing demand for energy with clean energy sources will be a critical to building a sustainable future.

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