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Improving energy efficiency can provide the biggest contribution to limiting global warming to no more than 2°C:

  • Energy efficiency can account of 38% of cumulative emissions reductions to 2050 under current scenarios
  • The transition to renewable electricity may only account for 32% of cumulative reductions over the same period1

There is a big gap between what is needed and what is being done

  • In 2015 $221 billion was invested globally in improving energy efficiency
  • By the 2030s, investment needs to reach at least $550 billion a year to stay on course for limiting climate change to no more than 2 degrees2



Energy efficiency financing infographic

Download the infographic (PDF)

Read the report: Available, Attractive, Too Slow? How to accelerate energy efficiency by getting the financing for it right

1 - IEA (2016), Energy Technology Perspectives 2016

2- IEA (2014), World Energy Investment Outlook: Special Report

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