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Global warming's terrifyingly wrong maths

Posted by Paul Huggins | 2 December 2015 | Viewpoint

Adding up emissions numbers can lead to some serious consequences for businesses. It isn’t as straightforward as 2+2=4, but when you scrutinise the numbers in detail then it can do some real damage to company value. This article is part of the Carbon Trust's COP21 Blog Series.

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Collaboration cuts costs

Infographic: Collaboration cuts costs

1 December 2015 | News

Low carbon energy technologies will need global investment of $5 trillion between 2015 and 2025 in order to bring down costs and accelerate deployment. Taking a collaborative approach internationally can reduce the costs of this investment, saving over $550 billion.

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Supermarket consumer purchasing decisions

Consumers behaving badly

Posted by Jamie Plotnek | 1 December 2015 | Viewpoint

Smokers keep on smoking. Drinkers keep on drinking. And consumers keep on consuming, which results in the emitting of emissions. But to deal with the challenges of climate change we are going to need to fundamentally change consumption patterns around the world. This article is part of the Carbon Trust's COP21 Blog Series.

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Clean energy - new collaborative approach

New collaborative approach can reduce the cost of clean energy by US$550 billion over the next decade

1 December 2015 | News

The world can save an estimated US$550 billion on the cost of deploying clean energy technologies over the next decade, putting them on a path to cost competitiveness, if countries work together to accelerate innovation by unlocking global collaboration.

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