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Low carbon Christmas tree

Infographic: Carbon Trimmings

16 December 2015 | News

Some of the Carbon Trust’s top tips for a low carbon Christmas; after all, isn't a Green Christmas what we're all dreaming of...

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Road to Paris 2015

Carbon Trust reaction to agreement at COP21 in Paris

12 December 2015 | News

Quotes from Michael Rea, Chief Operating Officer at the Carbon Trust, on the agreement at COP21 in Paris, the innovation needs for low carbon technology and the business response to climate change.

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Farmers in India

How can I help my grandfather to grow rice more efficiently?

Posted by Manu Ravishankar | 11 December 2015 | Viewpoint

The story of farmers in India and the impact of energy subsidies epitomises the challenges of implementing a global deal to tackle climate change against a backdrop of competing national priorities. If we are going to make progress at the rate we need to then it is necessary to take a whole system view when dealing with energy transitions, working at the nexus of policy, regulation and technology

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Why Irish farmers matter in Paris

Posted by Michael Rea | 10 December 2015 | Viewpoint

Irish farms might not be one of the major topics of discussion at COP21, but Ireland’s approach to sustainable agriculture is setting increasingly high standards for how to practically address one of the most significant sources of emissions. This article was published as part of the Carbon Trust COP21 Blog Series.

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Road to Paris 2015

COP21: The road to Paris is paved with good intentions

10 December 2015 | Viewpoint

In advance of COP21 in Paris countries around the world have submitted plans for how they intend to reduce carbon emissions at a national level, in order to address the global challenge of climate change. But when added together the impact of those plans are not likely to be sufficient to maintain warming below a two degree threshold. In this blog series experts from the Carbon Trust explore some of the areas of opportunity to accelerate action and increase ambitions, overcoming the barriers to creating a sustainable, low carbon economy.

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climate change

What can song lyrics teach us about how to solve climate change?

Posted by Peter Hambly | 9 December 2015 | Viewpoint

There is often a serious underestimation of the amount of investment needed into the marketing of low carbon solutions such as energy efficiency. Despite the fact there is often a rock solid business case and a number of long-term benefits, it is surprisingly difficult to get people to dance to your tune. This article was published as part of the Carbon Trust COP21 Blog Series.

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