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Mobile Carbon Impact

Infographic: Consumer attitudes to cutting carbon with mobile

18 December 2015 | News

A global study of 4,000 smartphone users across the USA, UK, Spain, South Korea and Mexico found that many are already using their phone in a way that helps cut their personal carbon emissions, with high levels of willingness expressed to adopt behaviours that could result in even more substantial future reductions.

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GeSi Mobile Carbon Impact infographic

Infographic: How mobile communications technology is enabling carbon emissions reduction

18 December 2015 | News

View the infographic of how mobile communications technology is enabling carbon emissions reduction.

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carbon pollution

Bringing externalities in-house: what is an internal carbon price and should my business be implementing one?

Posted by Hugh Jones | 18 December 2015 | Viewpoint

Polluters very rarely offer to pay for cleaning up the pollution they cause. Lessons from history tell us that when there are private profits and public costs it usually takes an intervention from government to put a price on externalities.

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Connected globe for international carbon reduction

The Paris Agreement: What does it mean for business?

17 December 2015 | Insight Paper

The Paris Agreement is also the first global agreement on climate change that involves contributions to act by all countries – resulting in a tapestry of measures that will place countries well down the path towards a low carbon economy. This article is written as part of the COP21 Blog Series.

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Low carbon Christmas tree

Infographic: Carbon Trimmings

16 December 2015 | News

Some of the Carbon Trust’s top tips for a low carbon Christmas; after all, isn't a Green Christmas what we're all dreaming of...

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Farmers in India

How can I help my grandfather to grow rice more efficiently?

Posted by Manu Ravishankar | 11 December 2015 | Viewpoint

The story of farmers in India and the impact of energy subsidies epitomises the challenges of implementing a global deal to tackle climate change against a backdrop of competing national priorities. If we are going to make progress at the rate we need to then it is necessary to take a whole system view when dealing with energy transitions, working at the nexus of policy, regulation and technology

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