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Charting the course for offshore access systems

30 April 2015 | Viewpoint

Large and far-from-shore wind projects in rough environments create challenges for operations and maintenance, starting with access, which is why one area of the Carbon Trust's research is focusing on crew transfer vessels.

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Do oil and gas companies have a future?

Posted by James Smith | 27 April 2015 | Viewpoint

James Smith, Chair of the Carbon Trust argues there is a future for oil and gas firms, but only if they embrace low carbon technology

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Ice pigging technology offers dairy industry significant savings

13 April 2015 | News

New analysis by the Carbon Trust quantifies the benefits of introducing ‘ice pigging’, an innovative way of cleaning pipework using ice slurries, into commercial dairies to improve profitability and reduce environmental impact.

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Energy efficient bakeries

Carbon Trust takes the hot air out of baking bread

2 April 2015 | News

Results from industry trials demonstrate that improved ventilation in ovens, through the use of variable speed drives and sensors can lead to significant energy efficiency improvements.

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