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Low carbon building refurbishment

Why low carbon refurbishment is crucial for building sustainable cities

Posted by Bruno Gardner | 31 March 2015 | Viewpoint

Low carbon refurbishment is an essential element in building a sustainable city, however the rate needs to be improved if real results are to be gained, says Bruno Gardner

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Sustainability - green world

Carbon Trust comment on UK Government’s report on ‘Low Carbon Economy: Size and Performance’

25 March 2015 | News

Comment on the launch of the UK Government’s report on ‘Low Carbon Economy: Size and Performance’

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Energy Technology List

Carbon Trust confirms changes to the Energy Technology List

24 March 2015 | News

Changes to the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme for energy changing technologies have been announced as part of the UK Government’s Budget 2015, delivered by Chancellor George Osborne on Wednesday 18 March.

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Shoe repair - sustainable luxury goods

Sustainability comes at a premium: creating a race to the top through the luxury goods market

Posted by Jamie Plotnek | 23 March 2015 | Viewpoint

Is it really possible for both businesses and the planet to thrive while providing people with the luxury goods and experiences they want? Viewpoint by Jamie Plotnek, Corporate Communications Manager, the Carbon Trust

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Carbon Trust supports Wave Energy Scotland’s first £7 million technology innovation competition

19 March 2015 | News

Hunt for innovative power take-off systems for wave energy devices is on

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Low Carbon Workplace: Premier House, Twickenham

Five trends shaping the future of the workplace

Posted by Bruno Gardner | 16 March 2015 | Viewpoint

How will the move towards more sustainable and efficient workplaces change the future of work? Bruno Gardner, Managing Director – Low Carbon Workplace, highlights five important trends

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