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Carbon Trust Chairman's Dinner 2014

Carbon Trust Chairman's Dinner

15 May 2014 | News

Sustainability leaders gathered together at Somerset House in London for the Carbon Trust’s annual Chairman’s Dinner.

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The low carbon sector has high growth potential - infographic

Infographic: How can UK SMEs seize the low carbon opportunity?

12 May 2014 | News

How can UK SMEs seize the low carbon opportunity? Infographic on the role of UK low carbon SMEs in driving UK exports.

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Connected globe for international carbon reduction

A 'MUST' win

Posted by David Aitken | 9 May 2014 | Viewpoint

The global market for low carbon goods and services has been valued at over £3 trillion. David Aitken, Associate Director, Innovation, reveals how the UK’s low carbon business sector can benefit from export opportunities to the MUST countries – Mexico, the UAE, South Africa and Turkey.

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Investec low carbon workplace

'Circle of inertia' to energy efficiency broken in commercial building sector

7 May 2014 | News

Investec Wealth and Investment Management (IWIN) first to be awarded new Low Carbon Workplace Standard

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MUST new global low carbon markets

SMEs key to growing UK low-carbon exports

2 May 2014 | News

Emerging 'MUSTs' offer low-carbon market growth opportunities

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Industrial renewable heat

Posted by João Lampreia | 1 May 2014 | Insight Paper

What are the opportunities for renewable heat technology in industry? Renewable heat is key in supporting industrial prosperity in a sustainable, low carbon economy. João Lampreia looks at the current state of renewable heat in each of the five main industrial sub-sectors, and further opportunities for its use.

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