Green commitments aren't for show: The carbon label customers trust

Looking at product label

Just like with emissions, when it comes to carbon commitments, there’s a lot of pollution out there.

So let us clear the air.

At the Carbon Trust, we can help your business measure, manage and reduce the carbon footprint of your products. Our footprint label makes these efforts clear to your customers, demonstrating the commitment your company is taking to understand, reduce and communicate your product's carbon impact.

Our product label certification shows your commitment to sustainability. It assures customers that your carbon footprint has been measured to rigorous, internationally recognised standards. Think of it as a stamp of approval for your product’s decarbonisation journey. 

The climate emergency means it’s no longer enough to say you’re still researching your business’s carbon reduction regimen. The time for talking is over. It’s time to act.

Consumers are making more sustainable buying choices

Across Europe and North America, we’ve found that 2/3 consumers are more positive about brands that take concrete steps to reduce their product’s carbon emissions. In addition, 2/3 consumers think carbon footprint labelling on products is a good idea*.   

These figures were highest in France, Italy and Spain at 80%, 82% and 79% respectively, and growing in all markets surveyed.

You can download our full report here, but the key takeaway is clear: Worldwide*, consumers are looking to make credible, sustainable choices every time they shop.

Your trusted partner 

In a world where it’s difficult to tell the genuine from the greenwashed, the Carbon Trust certified label on your products lets them know you’re a brand they can trust. Prove your sustainability efforts with our 'Carbon Trust Certified' product label.

We work with you to embrace strategies, systems and technologies that accelerate the move towards a decarbonised future. Our 400+ expert staff have certified over 27,000 individual product footprints in 40 countries across 5 continents.

You can find it on SodaStream products, Wyke Farms’ cheese, Evian water, LG electronics and many more.

See the full list of certified organisations 

And if you’re still wondering whether our product footprint label is right for your business, learn more about it below.

The trusted label  

Since launching the world’s first product carbon footprint label in 2007, we’ve been pioneers in carbon labelling.

Over the past 15 years we’ve developed our core certified label to encompass many different scopes – so every business can start their journey to decarbonisation.

When you partner with the Carbon Trust, we’ll advise on the best course of action to measure, manage and reduce your product’s carbon footprint.

Show the world that you care, start your label journey today

* Source: ‘Product carbon footprint labelling: consumer research 2020