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Examples of the Carbon Trust's work on low carbon, sustainable cities, with cities and other stakeholders

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The Low Carbon Cities programme 

We have worked with Bristol, Leeds and Manchester  to help them through the five step process to develop a strategy for cutting carbon and costs across city regions.  We have been involved in low carbon city development in China since 2009, and are now working with the states of Jalisco and Tabasco in Mexico, and Petaling Jaya in Malaysia.

Low Carbon Cities Malaysia Programme

Low Carbon States Mexico Programme

Low carbon city work in China

Bristol City Council (Clifton Suspension Bridge)

Helping local governments act as catalysts for district energy projects

We advise on project ownership and financing models, supporting public bodies through the procurement process, carrying out technical and financial modelling, and helping to convene partnership and stakeholders – a key element of the low carbon city and the smart city challenge. One example is our work with Bristol City Council.

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Driving forward the large scale engagement of schools and SMEs via public bodies

Engagement of these are crucial factors for future sustainable cities, but it is very difficult to cost effectively engage singly. We have helped Solihull Borough Council to engage 80 schools across the borough, helping those schools to cut costs and carbon as well as to upskill the next generation.

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Offshore wind turbines

Investing in the low carbon technologies of tomorrow 

Read more on the Carbon Trust's work to accelerate low carbon innovation through Programme design and delivery

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