Footprint measurement and analysis

Measure and analyse all aspects of your company’s carbon and environmental impact, including your product, organisation and value chain footprint. 


Footprinting provides the baseline needed to implement an effective sustainability and carbon reduction strategy. It can help you identify waste, reduce costs, boost sales and enhance your brand. 

We can help measure emissions under your direct control (Scope 1 and 2) as well as your organisation's indirect emissions (Scope 3). 

Why Carbon Trust? 

The Carbon Trust has unrivalled expertise having helped hundreds of companies and public sector organisations worldwide to establish a carbon footprint and energy cost baseline. We follow the greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol methodology and use tried and tested baselining tools. 

Our experts co-authored the PAS 2050 Standard for product footprinting and were part of the committee that developed the ISO14067 and GHG Protocol Product Standard. 

How we can help 

  • Product footprint
    The footprint of creating a good or service or the full lifecycle impact. Aligned to GHG Protocol Product Standard, PAS 2050 or ISO 14067. 
  • Organisation footprint
    The impact of your organisation’s own operations. Aligned with the GHG Protocol Organisational Footprint Standard.
  • Supply and value chain footprint
    The environmental impact across everything your organisation does. Aligned with the GHG Protocol Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard. 
  • Avoided emission calculations 
  • Personal lifestyle footprinting 
  • Event footprinting 
  • Territorial (cities/regions/states) footprinting
  • Carbon footprinting software solutions  
  • Footprint certification and labelling

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