Future energy systems

The delivery of future net zero energy systems will require radically different ways of doing things, including novel technologies, new habits for consumers, new business models, new collaborations and new regulatory and governance frameworks. 


The focus of our work is in understanding how those systems will evolve in order to support our partners to understand their role and realise the benefits associated with these changes. 

The Carbon Trust has been a trusted partner to a wide range of organisations grappling with energy issues for over 18 years. We have been engaged in what could be described as ‘first of a kind’ energy systems work, for example helping UK power distribution network companies understand how best to integrate electricity storage assets onto networks, quantifying uncertainty in future energy system business models for multinational corporates, and developing deployment roadmaps for renewable energy technologies and smart (mini-) grid architectures for governments around the world.

We also have a track-record of supporting innovators to develop new value propositions which have disrupted energy markets and we keep a keen eye on sector-wide developments in order to inform our work in developing strategic outlooks.  

The radically different approaches that will be required to deliver net zero energy systems will challenge governments, regulators, businesses and consumers, and we have a track record of helping partners to understand and address those challenges.

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